Claims consulting and analytics throughout the Greater Los Angeles, CA area.

We utilize several methods and tools as part of our claims consulting services to help you through the claims process.


Workers Compensation claims are adjudicated by people, and to some degree by machines. People have competing priorities. It is not a secret that the longer a claim stays open, the higher the ultimate incurred cost. Unless monitored and supervised, claims may not receive the proper and timely attention they require. We oversee claims professionals and defense attorney’s work to reduce or eliminate delays and friction costs. We provide expert workers compensation claims oversight and monitor claims handling. We have developed a proprietary scoring system to measure adjuster performance on a quarterly basis and sum annually. We also select a sample of up to 40 claims and audit for proper handling.  


We offer analytics to augment the decision-making process and to mitigate as well as loss adjustment expenses. Benchmarking against one’s own experience and one’s own industry empowers employers to turn voluminous data into actionable insights that can assist intelligent decision making.

TPA Selection Process

Not all TPA’s are created equal. Our stringent RFP process is designed based on the needs of each employer using at least 40 categories of required services.  

Litigation Management Protocols

Our proprietary Litigation Management Protocols (LMP) set the guidelines by which defense attorneys are engaged and evaluated, thereby ensuring full commitment and accountability. Among issues our LMP addresses are: case transfers, settlement approaches, trial evaluation and budgeting.

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AEIFS offers comprehensive claims consulting and analytics in the Greater Los Angeles, CA area, including Mid-Wilshire, Korea Town, Hancock Park, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Fremont Place and Windsor Square.